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Folder Guard

Folder Guard is a powerful computer security software that you can use to control access to files, folders, and other Windows resources, suc h as Control Panel, Start Menu, and so on. You can use Folder Guard to lock your personal files and folders with passwords, to stop other us ers from peeking into your records. You can even completely hide your private folders from virtually all applications, and such folders woul d remain invisible until you enter a valid password. You can also prot ect sensitive system files from modification or destruction, disable a ccess to the removable drives, restrict access to Control Panel, and m ore.

Why should you choose Folder Guard:

Folder Guard lets you p assword protect your files and folders.

You can protect with passwo rd virtually any folder or file, allowing only the authorized users to open the protected files or folders. You can protect an unlimited num ber of files and folders, each with its own password, or you can use t he Master Password of Folder Guard to unprotect them all at once.

F older Guard can hide your personal folders from other users.

You ca n set up Folder Guard to hide your private folders (or make them appea r empty). The folder would be hidden from virtually any program, inclu ding Windows Explorer, Office, MS-DOS programs, etc.

Folder Guard c an restrict access to Control Panel, Start Menu, Desktop, etc.

You can set up Folder Guard to allow only certain users to change the comp uter settings with Control Panel, while denying that to other users. Y ou can control access to various settings of Start Menu, Desktop, Task bar, and other Windows resources. You can remove the Run and Search co mmands on the Start menu, hide specific drives, lock the Internet sett ings, and more.

Folder Guard can protect access to the floppy, CD-R OM and other removable drives

You can configure Folder Guard to all ow or deny access to the removable drives, restricting the user's abil ity to run or install unauthorized programs on your computer.

Folder Guard is suitable for a wide range of the computer security tasks.

You can stop other users of your computer from peeking into your per sonal files. You can protect the system files and folders from destruc tion by cyber-vandals. You can allow specific users to run a program w hile deny it to others. You can allow users to use the removable drive s to store their documents while prevent them from running unauthorize d programs from the removable disks. The possibilities are endless:

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Web Conferencing Email i wanted to share

intersting article i got on email

Web Conferencing - What is it?
by: Diane Parker

Web Conferencing is, very simply, a meeting, conference or seminar that is held over the World Wide Web. Web conferencing can refer to audio, video or text-based conversations and are conducted in real-time.

Web conferencing is an incredibly useful resource for anyone who trades within a global market place. It literally allows you to be in two places at once - sitting at home or in your office whilst conducting a meeting with someone one the other side of the world.

In its simplest form web conferencing can take the form of free downloads such as Microsoft NetMeeting or Yahoo Messenger. Subscribers can participate in text-based 'chats', inviting others into their conversations and being able to communication in real-time. Add a simple digital camera to this equation and you have the beginnings of an elementary web conferencing application.

At the other end of the scale, the most sophisticated applications allow seminars and presentations to be made to hundreds of delegates at the same time. Meetings can be fully interactive, allowing question and answer sessions, the sharing of files and documents and slide show presentations to be broadcast.

What Can I Do With Web Conferencing?

How you choose to use web conferencing will very much depend upon your line of work. A webinar (an online seminar) is less interactive than a web meeting, but is a very effective means of presenting sales pitches, performance reviews and delivering staff training.

A web meeting on the other hand, can be fully interactive not only in terms of audio and video but also by allowing the sharing of documents and files and viewing them online.

What is Online Collaboration?

Online collaboration is an excellent resource for project management, especially when team members are located in different geographical locations. Online collaboration provides an advanced level of document management and file sharing. Documents and files can be viewed, modified and updated online and in real time.

What Are The Benefits Of Web Conferencing?

The main benefits of web conferencing are to be found in terms of time and money savings. The need for travel is greatly reduced, and therefore so are the associated costs of travel - tickets, accommodation, subsistence, to name but a few. Employees spend less time waiting for flights, travel or just generally being away from their desk and therefore have more time to spend productively.

Enhanced communication is another benefit of web conferencing. Where colleagues could perhaps only meet face to face a few times a year, for example, web conferencing allows them to meet on a daily basis, if required. With people talking more, work gets done more efficiently and more accurately.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of web conferencing depends on how sophisticated an application you need. Low-level, one-to-one systems can be set up these days for virtually nothing. The most advanced systems, unsurprisingly, can run into thousands of dollars. Careful research, however, and thoughtful analysis of what you need from a web conferencing system can allow you to budget accordingly and match a system to your needs. The chances are, if you are spending money on travel then you will recoup the cost of your web conferencing software over time.

About the author:
Diane Parker is a web content writer who specializes in internet related topics. Her conferencing articles include: web conferencing software, choosing a web conferencing tool and internet conferencing.