Wednesday, August 09, 2006

how to reduce jpg image byte size

This tut was mailed to me by Rohan No Guarantee

1) open MS - WORD
2) normally insert the image (insert -> image/picture -> from file)
3) right click and change the following pic options (in format picture option from the dropdown menu or double click the pic)
a) in the layout tab (ull see options with dogiies) just change the option to TIGHT by clickin the doggie and setting it to CENTER
4) resize your image to a desired size or maybe u can set it to the original size by viewing the pic properties by right clicking the file **.jpg
5) CUT the image from word by pressing ctrl + X or simply right clickin
6) go to ur desktop and normally right click and select "paste shortcut"
7) a dialog box will ask u to save continue
8) gv ur pic the desire filename and click save
9) next it will ask do u want this on ur active no if u don wanna change ur wallpaper and theme settings.. clicking yes will change the desktop settings ... then dont blame me for some absurd settings..not harmful but not the ones every1 likes
notice that a pic having a 100KB size will reduce to about (apprx..varies from pic to pic) 10% of the original size and at the same time ur original pic wont be modified at all..

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I P University Mozilla Firefox Search Plugin

Guys today when i reformatted my pc and on reinstalling firefox was updating my search plugins i decided to find something from our university site
This is what i got